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Creating websites and providing web marketing solutions since 1989 located in Petaluma, California

Websites & Web Development

Professional and affordable websites that reflect your company’s image while reaffirming your company’s existing brand. Every element of your website — logos, images, navigation, color scheme, type style, copy writing, and content, — should help boost your business and contribute positively to your online reputation.



responsive websites


1. Website Templates

2. eCommerce Websites

3. Custom Built

Affordable Prebuilt Templates

Offering 4 pre-built website packages. Easy on the budget but packed with value. You get “custom website”  features but at a very affordable price.

eCommerce Websites

CyberStreak builds on the WordPresss platform with the WooCommerce eCommerce plugin. If you need to sell your stuff on the web, this is the remedy for a successful eCommerce solution. Learn more on the eCommerce solutions post.

Custom Built Websites

A custom built website is usually a request from larger companies with an in-house marketing team that contracts with a web designer, a web developer and possibly a writer, a videographer, a photographer and an illustrator. More info on th Custom Websites post.

Website Snaps



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Trust is the Key

Are you having a rough time finding a reliable web expert that you can trust? Every day presents a new challenge and a new opportunity. Take this opportunity to check out the testimonials and discover why small business owners trust Ken at CyberStreak.

Film Maker Testimonial

Sylvia Binsfield, Owner of DreamWeaver Films & Founder of the Conscious Media Movement shoots a video testimonial about CyberStreak.


GNA Associates, Inc.

Gregory Neil, President of GNA Associates. GNA was created in 1996 as a real estate management and holding company. Here Greg gives a testimonial about his experience with CyberStreak Web Marketing


Testimonial from France

Ghislaine Mahleer, Executive Business Coach and Master French Chef gives a testimonial about her experience with CyberStreak Web Marketing


equinology testimonial

“I have been fortunate to have Cyberstreak on my team since the launch of our website close to 14 years ago. Much of our company’s acquired success comes from good use of our advertising on the Internet. Ken, “the web guy” at Cyberstreak, has been available for us since the very beginning 24/7 even with the growth his own company. To this day, Ken still provides us with excellent service. The best part is that he explains web marketing in a language we can follow.

I will utilize Ken’s skills continually and appreciate his progressive style. He is always one step ahead of the competition. I suggest anybody with a business who is in need of an approachable and comprehensive web marketing company to contact Ken at CyberStreak. You’ll be looked after well.”

Debranne Pattillo
Equinology, Inc.


“I had absolutely no idea where to start. Ken at Cyberstreak explained everything to me in a language I could understand. I learned so much about web marketing in a short period of time,… from domain names, web design, search engines, and web hosting.

If anybody needs a web guy that knows his stuff, give Ken at CyberStreak a call, he will do your business good and you will also gain a new friend.”

Wade Falany
Rein-Bows, Inc.


I needed to transfer a domain name from Network Solutions to GoDaddy. I texted Ken he called back immediately. He walked me through the domain transfer process and made it very easy for me. We will be referring our “web guy” to all our business associates”.

Al Rushton
Rushton Hawley Inc.
Novato, CA


It is a pleasure to recommend Ken “the web guru” at Cyberstreak to anyone considering search engine optimization. My business keeps me busy so we communicated over the phone and emails.  The process was quick, easy and affordable. I will recommend Cyberstreak to my business associates
who need search engine optimization.

Andria Falcon
Owner, Salon Novo
Sonoma Salon


I own a small business in Santa Rosa California that makes custom motorcycle wheels and accessories for Harley’s and Choppers. My site is number 8 on Google for the search phrase “Custom Motorcycle Wheels”. First page listing on Google positions my company in direct competition with the big guns in the industry. Ken, the web guy at Cyberstreak, is a fantastic person to work with and is on the cutting edge of search engine optimization. He knows how to correcty use keyword phrases, write to Google as well as write to the viewer. And he creates kool websites.

Tony Mencarini
Sinuous, Inc.


“Ken Ronshausen at Cyberstreak interacted with me personally to gain a concise understanding of my business needs. Within a short period of time, he produced and implemented a web marketing plan. He then gave excellent analysis of our web analytics so we could monitor and manage our campaign.

Google’s listing results were seemingly slow at first, but Ken advised us to be patient. Being listed on Google on the first page has made a significant impact on our bottom line. He has extreme knowledge of all things related to internet marketing and online advertising but more importantly he taught us to
look at Google’s first page as a comprehensive reputation management system.

We are now implementing Ken’s ideas for online video shorts. I advise anybody starting a web marketing campaign to contact Cyberstreak.

Matt Flynn
Flynn Entertainment

Do You Need A Plan?

CyberStreak Methodology

Need a web strategist to assess your web marketing plan? Do you have a plan? A good web strategist works from the bottom up. Below (1-5) is what’s called a GOPST blueprint. The tactic satisfies the strategy. The strategy satisfies the plan. The plan satisfies the objective, and the objective satisfy the GOAL. This is the framework in which a professional assessment is built from. Learn this method of “getting it done” & start reaching your goals.



Make it BIG, like, “Build a healthy and successful business”.



Time elements and quantifiable. Objectives are measurable statements.



EXAMPLE:generating leads“, “increasing traffic”, “improving brand awareness”.



The collection of various tactics (organized and structured sequences of actions).



The specifics of strategies.

Get Started Now

Need a domain name, a website? Do you have a website but it is tired and old? Are you listng on search engines?  Maybe you have heard about facebook ads and need help setting up your account. Get started and target your market. Shoot me an email. Lets talk.

Responsive Websites

How does your website look on mobile?

Nearly 60% of searches are now from mobile devices.  The “Food & Beverage”  industry received the highest percentage of mobile search and banking was the lowest. The interesting finding was the use of long tail keyword phrases in a mobile environment increased in comparison to desktop search. How is your mobile marketing working for you?

Need SEO or Facebook Advertising help ?

Facebook Ads & Search

 Learn how to use Facebook’s ad targeting options and get your ads in front of the right people. Need search help…? Discover how to optimize your website content with keyword phrases that local searches use to remedy their issues. The key is that YOU provide the remedy.  Learn how to write content with an issue/remedy strategy.

Web Marketing Services Ken-Can-Do!

8 things your website should be doing

A check list for concerned business owners that want more from their website

Multi-device Responsiveness

Your website should look professional on a desktop, tablet and smartphone


Concise Messaging

Your message should be clear, strong and understood…fast, a website has 3 seconds to keep the viewer engaged.

Up to Date

Your website should stay current. Current in design principles, content and code. Especially the WordPress core, PHP settings and WordPress plugins

Eye Appealing Design

The “eye does not lie“.  Does your site look good? This is crucial. You have 3 seconds to engage.

Home Layout

Does your site allow the viewer to find info fast?


SSL Security

If you have a website, it must be secured via SSL. Is your website secure ?

Call To Action

CAT = “The action you want people to take”.  Is this a strategy you employ on your website ?

Search Engine Optimized

This is huge for local business owners. This is what I do best. Does your website list well on search?

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