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web marketing consultant
A website professional you can trust while providing knowledgeable, professional, and strategic consultation.

Skill set includes:
end-to-end solutions with proficiency in PHP, CSS, DIVI Theme, eCommerce, MySQL, WordPress, web hosting, social medial marketing, email marketing, and online reputation management with a heavy dose of search engine optimization knowledge.

Owner of
Crystal Clear Farm horse riding ranch

About Ken Ronshausen

About Ken Ronshausen

Ken started in the Information Technology sector as a network administrator working extensively with the Novell product suite back before Mircosoft bundled their offerings together and then kicked Novell to the curb. Ken discovered how to build websites cutting HTML code back when the net was first emerging as a digital marketing platform. His first website client was in 1997. Back then, Ken called his company, "Clear Water Web Design". This was back when "Alta Vista" was the go-to search engine. At one brief time, Ken's website was number one in the world for the search term "website design".

Ken was one of the first subscribers to an online publication called "Search Engine Watch", started by Danny Sullivan back in 1997. Danny would post his research about the search engines, called... " A Webmaster's Guide To Search Engines". At that time, Danny was the premiere search engine master and even Matt Cutts at Google said that his guide was a must read, and even Tim Mayer of Yahoo considered Sullivan's work as "the most authoritative source on search".

Shortly thereafter, Ken put web design, web development and the importance of "search engine optimization" (SEO) all together in a package he could sell under the "Cyberstreak web marketing" brand. He then taught himself how to run a Linux Web Server and began hosting his clients websites. Ken continued to build websites while helping bring the complexity of website development and marketing to a “down-to-earth” level of understanding for small business owners.

Over the years, Ken has worked with 3 internet startups, 2 in which were angel funded. Ken also taught "Web Tech 101" at a regionally accredited institution during the evenings back when Google gobbled up Alta Vista. He soon turned the web tech intro class into a web marketing classroom and was reprimanded repeatedly for straying from what he thought was an outdated curriculum. To this day, a couple of his past students (now entrpreneurs) still stay in touch and talk about search and how it has evolved from back when Google was in its infancy.

Kens' Words

I want to helping businesses achieve web marketing success with website design, development, social, mobile and search strategies. I offer value and insights while showing you WHY you should be using the latest web marketing tools, and not just HOW, in a language you will understand. I offer what most businesses need today, an online marketing plan with focus on local, mobile and social.

  • Affordable and responsive websites
  • Web marketing plans that work
  • Easy to implement social media tips
  • Optimized Search
  • Traffic generation tactics

  • Methodology

    Digital marketing is a field that is constantly changing and evolving. Working with different businesses over the years, I know that no two are exactly alike. I take the time to get to know clients before creating their online business approach. To ensure my approach parallels your business requirements, I adhere to the GOPST methodology. The process is a thorough review of your goals, objectives, and plans before creating strategies and tactics. My analysis usually uncovers opportunities to attract more customers and extend market reach, and possibly even capitalizing on emerging trends not yet tapped so as to grow the business.

    DIVI: Happening Now

    I use WordPress web design technology when designing and developing new websites. WordPress powers 32% of the internet today. WordPress can be customized to fit any need for both big and small websites. I use the Divi builder and DIVI child themes. It allows the website owners to easily update and post blogs.

    What is a web strategist?

    A web strategist contracts with a company to develop and oversee the tactics and strategies that help grow that company's online presence so as to meet the businesses marketing plans, objectives and goals. A web strategist must know "all things web", from design, to development, to implementation.

    Knowledge of marketing, design, web technologies, web processes and basic human nature tendencies, are skills you want to look for when contracting a web strategist. Web strategists are a rare breed. They balance knowledge in business design and techy nerdy stuff.

    Kickin' back on the farm in Petaluma, CA
    web marketing consultant
    Web Consulting
    "Ken Ronshausen at Cyberstreak interacted with me personally to gain a concise understanding of my business needs. Within a short period of time, he produced and implemented a web marketing plan. He then gave excellent analysis of our web analytics so we could monitor and manage our campaign.

    Google's listing results were seemingly slow at first, but Ken advised us to be patient. Being listed on Google on the first page has made a significant impact on our bottom line. He has extreme knowledge of all things related to internet marketing and online advertising but more importantly he taught us to look at Google's first page as a comprehensive reputation management system.

    We are now implementing Ken's ideas for online video shorts. I advise anybody starting a web marketing campaign to contact Cyberstreak.

    Matt Flynn
    Flynn Entertainment

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