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Ken Ronshausen,
web strategist,
since 1997
web marketing consultant I drive traffic and tractors for work and fire engines for fun. Providing sound project management coupled with end-to-end solutions with proficiency in PHP, ASP, .NET, JSP, XML, Web 2.0, CMS, CSS, Java, AJAX, XML, eCommerce, Flash, MySQL, Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, social networking web sites, online marketing, email marketing, and online reputation management with a heavy dose of search engine optimization knowledge.

Owner of
Crystal Clear Farm horse riding ranch

Engineer - Firefighter Two Rock Vol Fire volunteer fire fighter TwoRockFire.com

Traffic, Tractors & Fire Engines

Easy and Affordable Web Solutions by Ken

Web Marketing Made Easy

Thesis Theme for WordPress:  Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community Video is here. It is immediate as well as authentic. Video engages the viewer emotionally and has the proven power to blow away the best of blogs.


If you are like me, you are wondering how to:
  • ramp up a video project
  • keep it affordable (good ROI)
  • increase your conversion rates
  • Solutions through video

    Online video advertising is the fastest growing advertising medium but is also the toughest for business owners to grasp and effectively use. I am developing a video channel to address these concerns with a humorous twist. You will see a real company, like yours, increase their conversion rates by implementing a target market video campaign. It may work, it may not - you be the judge. Google Analytics (real data, no guesswork) will be used to prove or disprove the ROI.


    Embrace the Video Challenge

    Worst Case Scenario Fire Fighter Training

    Show the viewers how their life will be,
    with your product or service "IN IT".

    If your video can appeal to the viewers emotions, you are halfway to converting them. The other half, the most important, is gaining trust. Trust is built through authenticity. Raw video, naturally produces the - 'HEY, THEY ARE JUST LIKE ME' - feeling that is needed to produce the authenticity to solidify trust. People who seek information online are looking for authentic content for they are tired of the corporate spin. Video featuring real people in real places builds trust in your message.

    Are you ready to start the conversation?

    Web Consulting
    "Ken Ronshausen at Cyberstreak interacted with me personally to gain a concise understanding of my business needs. Within a short period of time, he produced and implemented a web marketing plan. He then gave excellent analysis of our web analytics so we could monitor and manage our campaign.

    Google's listing results were seemingly slow at first, but Ken advised us to be patient. Being listed on Google on the first page has made a significant impact on our bottom line. He has extreme knowledge of all things related to internet marketing and online advertising but more importantly he taught us to look at Google's first page as a comprehensive reputation management system.

    We are now implementing Ken's ideas for online video shorts. I advise anybody starting a web marketing campaign to contact Cyberstreak.

    Matt Flynn
    Flynn Entertainment

    search engine optimizaton SEO, SEM, Web Marketing Plan, Online Reputation Consulting, Video Consulting

    Online video advertising is the fastest growing advertising mediums but is also the toughest for business owners to grasp and effectively use.

    Discover how to:
    • Engage viewers
    • Be authentic
    • Solidify Trust
    • Gain Business
    Ken Ronshausen: Cyberstreak
    10 years in web marketing.

    Learn how to use video as your "go-to" tool to gain more business.