The books that accelerated my discovery process on how to take advantage of social media marketing tools. For me, The New Rules of Marketing and PR by David Meerman Scott was the best read.

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Are you wondering what the social media marketing buzz is about? Like you, so was I. For a long period of time I ignored this new media jungle. I thought it was a waste of time. Not that it does not take time, because it does. But so does any new way of doing things. The key point here is that people are learning to turn to the web FIRST. They search for your name, they search for your company, and they search for reviews on your company. So when they find your website, do you purvey a two way honest and open communication style that customers trust? If not, the sale process was over before it had a chance to begin.

Learn how to be the company that
people want to share with their friends.

If you are seriously thinking about making the transition into the social media marketing world, I suggest using a "toe-dipping" tactic before the leap. Warm the waters a bit and discover what others are doing and how they do it. Learn what not to do as well as what to do and discover if this is right for you, and not some latest fad.

I follow people, not companies.

The person searching for your website is a person just like you who wants what you want. They want content that is honest, useful and unobtrusive, and not a one-sided sales pitch. The keyword here is honesty. As you travel on your discover process in the social web, the relationships that you make will simply point you in the right direction. Download the free ebooks from the authors below, (David Meerman Scott and David Hendersen) and you will experience this for yourself. It is a GIVE TO GET approach. I downloaded the free ebooks and was so impressed with the useful content that I bought the books.

I hope by sharing these resources it will shorten the learning curve while you develop your new social media marketing skill-set.

Take the plunge into Web 2.0,
but warm the waters by doing your research first

The web is vast and the chance of getting lost in the 'frag' is just 999 clicks away. It is easy to do. Just go to youtube and watch how you can waste 2 hrs of your time in what you thought was your 15 minute break. After studying this new media for over a year, and toe dipping ever so carefully, I chose the 4 Authors/bloggers below to help me in my quest to be a better writer, a stronger communicator, and an honest social media marketing consultant. Good reading to you.

David Meerman Scott

social media author Keynote speaker and bestselling author of "The New Rules of Marketing & PR" and the new hit book "World Wide Rave" David Meerman Scott
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Chris Brogan. The rockstar of blog and beyond

chris brogan Chris Brogan is President of New Marketing Labs, a new media marketing agency, as well as the home of the New Marketing Summit conferences and New Marketing Bootcamp educational events. He helps large and mid-sized businesses understand how to use social media tools like blogging, social networks, community platforms, and more to build business value for marketers, sales organizations, and internal collaboration in general.
Chris Brogan Dot Com is a Book of Knowledge

Liz Strauss. Successful and Outstanding Blog

liz strauss Liz helps businesses, universities, and service professionals increase ROI and attract fiercely loyal fans by communicating with customers as people.
Liz Strauss. Successful and Outstanding Blog

David Hendersen

author Author, media strategist, journalist, blogger, online publisher, communications management consultant, emmy award winning former cbs news correspondent
The Media Savvy Leader, David Hendersen

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