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Social Media Management

I am here to help you create and maintain your business profiles on Social Media sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Places and FaceBook. Facebook marketing and Twitter marketing are essential components of the Social Media Marketing. I can keep you informed of the newest Social Media networking platforms, while building your reputation online to parallel your offline reputation.

I can manage your online reputation or I can teach your staff how to be manage it with an inhouse social media management program.

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Social Media Marketing

Are You Connecting with your Customers?

If your company was receiving reviews on the Internet that were
damaging to your reputation, would you even know about it?
If you did know about it, would you know what to do about it?

      Watch these videos, then hit me @ > ken@cyberstreak.com

Social Media Management, What I offer:

I have a specialized skillset in new media and social business that traditional ad agencies do not understand, yet.
I do not just mechanically plop a social media plan on top of your existing campaigns.
I am more long term focused such as building a community with customers for the long term.
I assist with deeper customer engagement – I am not a traditional advertiser.
I can quickly maneuver as web marketing and web tech changes.
I know where the web is going, and I know where the eyeballs are.

Email me and setup a 29 minute free consultation ken@cyberstreak.com

Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare are growing in popularity and people are talking 24/7 about everything. If people have a good or bad experience with a company, they will let their friends know. Are they talking about your brand? Don't you think it might be a good idea to look into social media to see what all the buzz is about? I can help you build a positive presence and increase your customer base. Marketing through Social Media is a proven win for everyone. Big corporations are quickly catching onto the power of Social Media Marketing. For the first time, in 2010, ending a 23 year run, Pepsi Cola pulled out of advertising in the Super Bowl ditching it for Social Media. The phenomenal growth of Social Media has the attention of every major company in the world today. Social Media Management has become an essential component in today’s business.

Email me and setup a 29 minute free consultation ken@cyberstreak.com