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website design

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web design - Keeping it simple.

As Albert Einstein put it, "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." Simple design is clean, professional and easy on the eyes. Simple web design allows the user to quickly find the information they need, especially if you are selling a product. If the web page is cluttered, the site becomes tough to navigate. Recent studies have proven, if the user canít find what they are looking for- FAST, they go bye-bye. I do it, you do it, we ALL do it.

cost effective web design

Cost effective web design holds the user by presenting information in a pleasing manner. Thereís nothing wrong with "lots of information", as long as you give the user the choice (click) to learn more. A web design that frustrates the user to the point of "BACKING OUT", is not cost effective. Many web site owners have no idea that they have paid for a web site design that actually pushes potential clients away. How can you know? Google analytics is a great performance tracking tool that can tell you where your visitors are dropping off during the conversion process.

Search Engine Friendly Website Design

A well-structured web site built with time tested SEO copywriting techniques makes it more likely that your site will be listed by the search engines. This simply means that your web site designer must "WRITE TO" the search engines, and "WRITE TO" human beings as well. Writing to the search engines and to web viewers is what I call "SEO Word Craft". Word Crafting for search engine optimization is a balancing act or 'the art of balance' that is fine tuned over years of trial and error. Non-writers are paralyzed when they have to sit down and produce words on a page. As a Cyberstreak web site client, you will benefit greatly knowing that good web design is not just knowing how to blend colors, but proficiency in writing good web copy. Search engine optimization is a highly skilled combination of art and science. Discover the secrets of good SEO Web copy and how it's best to include SEO sooner, rather than later. author: Ken Ronshausen, CyberStreak Web Services

Good Website Design = Less Means More

Today's online user wants as little hassle as possible. If your site is easy to find, is written well, is easy on the eyes, and is easy to navigate, you might have a good start on a cost effective, profitable and seo friendly web site.

Web design should be simple, cost effective, search engine friendly and profitable for your business. ken@cyberstreak.com - 707.753.0903

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"I had absolutely no idea where to start. Ken at Cyberstreak explained everything to me in a language I could understand. I learned so much about web marketing in a short period of time,... from domain names, web design, search engines, and web hosting.

If anybody needs a web guy that knows his stuff, give Ken at CyberStreak a call, he will do your business good and you will also gain a new friend."

Wade Falany
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