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Web Hosting for Small Business

If you have a website, then you know that you need a reliable and personal web hosting "PERSON" that can communicate with you in a language you understand and not some web tech talk. The advantage of hosting with Ken, the local web marketing professional here at CyberStreak is a no brainer. Ken has been in the hosting business since 1997. Ken can help your business gain more business, its that simple. Easy and affordable web hosting in Sonoma County.

Sonoma County Web Hosting

Affordable and reliable hosting solutions

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As a busy business owner, have you wondered what makes a good web hosting company? If your website is “down”, it is as good as not having a web site at all, – no visitors, no traffic, no revenue, nothing – NADA. Because of this, a very high uptime percentage should be your top priority when choosing a web hosting company. Be sure to ask for references when contacting me. My Sonoma County web hosting customers will tell you the quality of services I provide.

Web Hosting Services :
Safe. Reliable and Stable

CYBERSTREAK has been in the web hosting business since 1997. My hosting servers are housed in some of the best facilities in the world and connected to the internet backbone through the same service providers that companies like Google and Yahoo are hooked into.

I know each of my Sonoma County
web hosting customers by first name.

My personal service, extensive web hosting knowledge, and technical expertise provides you a rock-solid foundation you can build an online business upon and a commitment to service you can rely on. I know each of my web hosting customers by first name and I promise you that I will be talking with you if you ever have an issue with web hosting or email.

A small Sonoma based web hosting company
dedicated to personal service.

sonoma web hosting As a business owner, you demand a highly stable platform to host your web site. CyberStreak understands the needs of our busy hosting clients, so we use state of the art AMD Dual Opteron servers with 2x250GB SATA drives in RAID1, PC3200 ECC DDR RAM, with a reliable backup solution. These extremely powerful servers, combined with a feature packed control panel, proven 24/7 support and superior uptime ensures that your online marketing plan stays online working for you.
Sonoma Web Hosting
I needed to transfer a domain name from Network Solutions to GoDaddy. I notified Ken on his pager and he called back immediately. He walked me through the domain transfer process and made it very easy for me. We will be referring our "web guy" to all our business associates".

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